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3D Animation

Realism in computer animation can mean making each frame look photorealistic, in the sense that the scene is rendered to resemble a photograph, or to making the animation of characters believable


3D Game Making

First-person shooters are a type of three-dimensional shooter game,featuring a first-person point of view with which the player sees the action through the eyes of the player character.


Game Programing

Game programming requires substantial skill in software engineering as well as specialization in one or more of the following areas, which overlap heavily to create a game


VFX (Visual Effects)

Visual effects involve the integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would be dangerous, expensive, impractical,

About US

AniSecrets is a brand name of Rahasya Online Campus (India) LLP. 

Unique Solution for 3D Animation & Gaming Education. Our Professional Team and Highly experienced Faculty are committed, to provid wide range of 3D Animation & 3D Gaming production skills, with Open Source and Cross-Platform Technology and also committed to develop Bhartiya Theme based Eco System of 3D Animation & Gaming Courses & Projects.



We have very simple formula to teach Animation is “3D animation production pipeline”
all big and small animation industries are using the same formula, to make there big budget animation movie with the help of big team. Our concept is little different, we are teaching low budget or no budget & high quality movie production Technics, our workflow is design in such a way so, small team can make a good movie,or even single person do the same


Like a Animation production pipeline, we are using “Game Development pipeline” this is a very similar pipeline that most of the gaming industries using, and lot of people are working together to finish there projects, there are mainly two kind of people are working on game development process,
1. Game Artist – these people makes all assets, animations, sounds, graphics and so on.
2. Game Programmer – they are doing all programming stuff.
In our workflow a single person can make a complete game. there is no need to write a single line of code, so, we are teaching “Game making without coding” 

why we are diffrent ?

Experience The Secrets of 3D Animation and 3D Gaming, with Open Source and Cross-Platform Technology, Now any one can make anything commercial without worry about License. Make your Carrier in 3D Animation & 3D Game making with Highly Advanced Course material.Worlds most affordable Multimedia, Animation, Game making, Web Designing courses are available here, in two languages हिन्दी & ENGLISH,Now no more travel to Learn the secrets of Animation & Gaming.


Our teaching process never focus on Software’s learning like other so called institution does, software are just tools for our production process, we just Focus on Animation Production & Game making. that’s why we are using Open Source Technology, so, No need to worry about Licencing or Copyright issues,
This accelerate the process of “indie Development” of game making and animation production.


Many online courses are running on internet, but they are just uploaded there recorded video tutorials and Virtual assistant give you instructions, and in this entire learning process all student will learn from the same projects.Are they really teaching LIVE ? answer is The big “NO”
We are teaching LIVE, means there is No recorded videos, just LIVE communication with real faculty members daily, Our Student batches work on self decided projects and even individual do the same.


We never find the difference between game making, animation production or any other art making like web designing, graphic designing and Architectural visualization, All are the same, time taking creative hard works. All needs good passions to finish projects, and artist also not differentiate if he really give his dedicated time to his work.
so, we decided to take similar fee amount of every single hour we spend to teach.we called them “open type courses“, Pay for a month and Learn what is your desire subject.

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AniSecrets is the master key for opening the hidden Secrets of Animation & Gaming.

Ravindra Ravi
Senior VFX Artist @ DQ

These are the only people who are working on Real Bhartiya theme based Animation and non voilent Gaming.

Chandra Prakash Swami
Digital Photo Professional

they have develope a awsome techique for beautiful teaching.

Dynamic (Hair Fur) Artist

Join us. It will only take a minute

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